Dr. Charlotte has a healing touch. She is able to sync up with your body by finding areas of rapport. Your body is empowered to learn and use new strategies for healing and to tap in to your own innate body wisdom.

After discovering Network Chiropractic in 1993, she trained extensively with founder, Dr Donald Epstein, and practiced Network for many years. She has studied energetic healing, herbology and various other modalities….all contributing to what she now practices – Flow.

The purpose of Flow is simply to connect, and to give your body the opportunity to change. It is a gentle touch that helps integrate your life experiences, allowing you to be who you need to be, trusting the sublime within and around you, and creating a life of joy, health and love.



About Moalepe Healing Arts

Welcome to my space!

I offer NeurOptimal sessions in a quiet, cozy room with a very comfortable chair to optimize your brain training sessions.

Come in to the bigger, peaceful and nurturing room for Flow.